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mediAvatar 3GP Converter FAQs

Q1: I choose a profile as my output format, but find some settings are not satisfying. Where can I change the settings?

A: All the parameter settings can be found on the right panel of the main interface. After you highlight the file and select the output format, you will find on the right "Profile" panel, "File Name", "Video Quality", "Audio Quality", "Video Size", "Split" options can be adjusted. If you want to adjust more settings, click the right arrow at the top right of the panel to expand the expert settings, you can adjust more settings like "Frame Rate", "Sample Rate", " Video Bit rate" and and so on.

Q2: I want to convert videos not only for my BlackBerry, but also for the media player on my computer. Is it possible to convert to different formats but with the same name in the same output folder? Is these any express way?

A: Yes, we offer an express way to do the task you mentioned. If you take a look at the buttons on the toolbar, you'll find a button called "Add Profile". Click this button, you will find one more profile will be added as the output format for the selected file, but it's not finished. Choose this profile item, then open "Profile" drop-down list, and choose another profile you want. Repeat this, you can add as many profiles as you want. Just a single click, you can get them converted at one time without waiting for one to be end then setting another one.

Q3: Considering the limited capacity of my mobile phone, I want to limit the output file size for each file, but it's too troublesome to try video bit rate to get the output file size I want. Everytime I need to try lots of times, it really wastes my time. Do you have better idea?

A: We already added a smart tool called "Bitrate Calculator" from the Version 5, which is listed in the "Tools" menu. You just need to enter the file size you want, then this tool will compute its video bit rate. After confirm and return, you'll find the output file size has been set to the file size you entered already.

Q4: Where can I find the output files after the conversion?

A: Beside the "Browse" button at the bottom, there is an option called "Open", by clicking you can arrive at the output folder directly, from where you'll find the target files.

Q5: When I play the loaded videos with the media player in your program, I find that the video quality is not good enough and even the audio quality is not OK sometimes. Will this affect the final effect?

A: It depends on the video itself. If it plays well on other players but not so good on the player in this software, the output effect would not be affected, because this 3GP converter is just a video conversion tool and the preview function would be limited by certain files which are not in common codec. So the preview of the original file would not be perfect in certain conditions. But if the video itself has problem, then the output file would not become better. In a word, the preview doesn't affect the video itself.

Q6: I am not satisfied with the quality of output files. How can I improve it? Are there any settings i can change?

A: Generally speaking, the output quality can be improved by modifying "Video Size" and "Video Bit Rate" options, which can be find on the right panel. The larger the value you set, the better the quality will be. However for certain formats, there would be some limitations.

Q7: Can I create my own profile? The existed profile needs some modifications for me, it would save time if I can create my own one.

A: Yes, you can make it via the "Save As" button, which is located at the right of the "Profile". First you need to choose a profile as the basic, then make adjustments of the settings at the right panel. After that, click "Save As" to save the modified profile as a new one, which can be used directly without further settings next time.

Q8: I just want a clip of my video. Is it possible?

A: Yes. From the right "Profile" panel, click right arrow to expand "Advanced Profile Settings" window, then set the "Start Time" and "Duration" to get the clip you want. For example, if you want a 3-minute-clip starting from 10th minutes of the whole video, then enter "10:00:00"as "Start Time" and "00:03:00" as "Duration".

Q9: I convert my videos to AVI, but when I play them in Windows Media Player, I can only get the audio playback but no video. It shows me that I need to download certain codec. Why?

A: The default codec for AVI in our program is DivX. If this codec is not installed on your computer, you won't be able to play the AVI videos. In this case, please download DivX codec from for free. After installation, Windows Media Player will be able to play AVI videos.

Q10: I want to convert my video files to MOV, but it simply shows "Fail". "Fail" also appears when I choose "3G2" as the output format. Why?

A: You may not install QuickTime on your computer, which is a must for MOV encoding. You can get it from

Q11: I get the output 3GP videos played well by QuickTime on my computer, but the video and audio get out of sync when I load them into my mobile phone. Why?

A: The default settings work for most of the mobile phones, but in certain conditions, you still need different settings for your phone. You may check the frame rate and other standards of you phone, and email to our support team at for help.

Q12: I found that there are some short breaks when i play the output audio files. How to correct it?

A: You may set a small value for audio bit rate. Please try a larger one for it. Generally speaking, the default value we offered can assure a good result.

Q13: I want to convert some VOB files, which I load into the program from the "Video_TS" folder of a standard DVD. But I either get a "Fail" notice or a bad, not complete conversion result. Why?

A: mediAvatar 3GP Converter is just a video conversion tool, but not available for ripping DVDs. If you can remove the encryption of the DVD by the third-party program, such as DVD Decryptor, then this 3GP converter software can convert the decrypted VOB files. If you want to convert DVDs directly, we suggest you use our mediAvatar DVD Converter, which can rip DVDs even protected ones directly into most popular video formats.