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mediAvatar iPod Transfer FAQ

Q: When I check all names of songs and then click on the button to transfer music to iTunes library, I get a message: Please first check "Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding Music to Library" in iTunes advanced setting. But I neither see this selection anywhere in your program nor in iTunes. What should I do?

A: You'd better open the Preferences in the menu of Edit in iTunes, and then check the box of "Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding Music to Library" there. After that, the problem can be fixed and the program will work for you.

Q: It seems that my iPhone can not be recognized by your program. But my iPod is OK. What should I do?

A: If you want to finish the transfer of iPhone, you must have it recognized by iTunes first. It means you need open iTunes and connect your iPhone to PC so that it can be recognized in the iTunes at first. And then, your iPhone will be recognized by our program. You just need do this job once for each iPhone on one PC.

Q: If I use your program, do I need to keep iTunes installed on my computer?

A: Yes, you still need iTunes on your PC. While our program is running, it needs certain data from iTunes, although iTunes itself need not be started while our program is in use. If you remove iTunes from your PC, Add to iTunes button is grayed out and does not function any more; iPhone will also be not recognized by our program.

Q: I have iTunes installed on my computer. But your program still can not work. It neither recognizes my iPod connected nor displays anything on the play list pane; three icons are all grayed out and do nothing as well as menu items. What's the problem?

A: Please keep your iPod connecting with your PC and then open iTunes. After it is recognized in iTunes, please check the option "Enable disk use" on its control panel in iTunes. And then, your iPod will be recognized by our program, too.

Q: According to iTunes, I should have 1000 music files in my iPod. But in your program, only 650 files are picked up. Where are the other 350 files? How can I find them?

A: Please check the files on your iPod by iTunes. Do you have any purchased M4P files imported into iPod? If it is so, our program will not show those M4P files since they are protected by the license of Apple and not allowed to be transferred.

Q: I have many, many files in my iPod. How can I choose all of them simultaneously in your program so that I can transfer all of them?

A: It is quite easy. You just need to open "Edit" menu, and click the sub-option "All items" of the "Check" option, so that all the files in the current play list can be checked simultaneously. After that, you will be able to transfer all of them at one time.

Q: If I only want to check some of the files in the current list, how can I do it?

A: In the play list, you can highlight all the files you want by pressing "Ctrl" key simultaneously. Or a block selection by pressing "Shift" key is also supported. After that, please open "Edit" menu and then in the "Check" option in it, click the sub-option "Selected items" in it so that the highlighted items in the current list will be checked on at one time.

Q: Originally I have 300 files in my iPod. But after I load other 200 files into iPod by your program, your program shows that there are only 485 files totally in my iPod. I remember that your program showed that 200 files are completely transferred at the end of the transferring. Why is that and where are the other 15 files?

A: Among the files you imported into the device, if there are two or more files which shared the same name and same duration, only one of them will actually be imported into although our program will show the message that all of them are imported successfully.