mediAvatar Video to Audio Converter FAQ

Q: After my file is loaded into the program, I want to check its certain information in the program? How should I do?

A: You need highlight it first and run "Properties" item in the "File" menu. Then you can read the information of the file, such as Bit Rate, Frame Rate, in the following dialog-box.

Q: What about other settings? In the previous versions, there are many settings on the right of the main interface. But I can only see a few on the right now. Where are the other settings like Frame Rate and Sample Rate?

A: On the top right, beside the item "Profile Settings", there is a button called "Advanced Profile Settings". An extendable panel will show other settings after clicking it. You can set audio Bit Rate and Sample Rate, as well as other items there.

Q: Can I edit the ID3 Tag information for the output files?

A: If you select WMA and MP3 as output formats, you can edit the Tag information for the files. All the items of Tag information are also in the "Advanced Profile".

Q: How can I modify the settings on the right panel of the interface for conversion? Shall I just use the values which the program has offered or enter a number I want directly? But after I click "Convert", all the options I modified will return to the default ones. Why?

A: Before you modify anything, you must highlight the file you want to convert in the program. Besides the values we have offered, you can simply enter a number you want for the conversion of most output formats, such as audio Bit Rate, Sample Rate. Sometimes, it would be limited by the output format and other conditions.

Q: I am trying to capture certain still frames from my video. I have no idea about the settings on the right. Could you please give me certain hints on it?

A: There are 3 important settings in this conversion, "Start Time", "Duration" and "Capture Interval". "Start Time" and "Duration" will help you set the decoded part of your original video. And the "Capture Interval" item is used to define the time interval to do the capture in the episodes.

Q: After I make some proper modifications on settings, is it possible to save it as a single profile for use next time?

A: It can be done by the "Save As" button. After you finish the modifications, please click this button and finish other jobs following instruction. After the profile is created, you can delete or re-name it as you like.

Q: I just want a clip/segment of my video file. Is it possible?

A: Yes. You need set "Start Time" and "Duration" to get the clip you want. It is on the "Advanced Setting" panel. First of all, you should highlight your video file in the program. And then enter correct values for "Start Time" and "Duration", which can be found on the right panel of the interface. For example, if you want the first 3-minute-clip from the 10 minutes of the whole movie, please enter "00:00:00" for "Start Time" and "00:03:00" for duration.

Q: After the conversion to certain audio formats is done, I found that the output audio files always skip when playing. It means there are always some short breaks during playback. How to correct it?

A: Maybe you have set a smaller value for audio bit rate which is also on the "Advanced Profile" panel. Please try larger one for it. Generally speaking, the default value we offer can assure a good result. And also, is it possible to select another audio track for the conversion?

Q: What does "Add Profile" do?

A: If you want to get same source, title or chapter, converted into different target files with different formats or different configurations, this function will help you. It will be activated after you highlight the loaded title or chapter you want to convert. After clicking it, the title or chapter that you chose will be duplicated so that you can set different settings for each of them.

Q: If I want to crop certain part of the frame, what shall I do?

A: The edit function in our program will solve it. First of all, you must highlight the title that you want to crop. And then please click the "Effects" button under the program list. In the following dialog-box, you can define the crop area by entering the definite values or dragging the control points around the preview screen.
Besides the crop function, you can modify other things, such as Contrast, Brightness and other effects on frame; or adding watermark there.

Q: I do not like certain frames in my video. May I get rid of them in the output files by your program?

A: Of course you can. We offered a "Clip" function in our program. You must also highlight the title that you want to clip firstly. In the "Clip" dialog-box, during the playback of the title, you can set the "Clip Start" point and the "Clip End" point for the segment you want to clip. If you want to get an integral file with all the clip segments, you can check on the option "Output Segment as whole file".

Q: I know if I want to get better output quality, I need set higher values for video and audio bit rate respectively. And the output size will be larger at the end of the conversion. So how can I know the most proper values for video and audio in the output size I expect?

A: We have a small tool in the "Tools" menu, Bit Rate Calculator. By this tool, you will get the proper values for video and audio Bit Rate respectively according to the output size you enter there. Once again, you must highlight the title or chapter that you want to convert first. What you decide there will be shown in the relevant items on the right automatically after you confirm them.

Q: I just want to backup my video files on my PC. What is the best choice of the output format for me to choose? I just want to play it on my PC and I would like to get the smallest size with better quality.

A: Generally speaking, we recommend AVI format. The default codec for AVI in our program is DivX which can provide better quality, as well as smaller output size. If you just want to backup your video files on your hard drive, AVI is enough.

Q: After I finish the conversion to AVI, I can only get the audio playback in Windows Media Player while it shows that I need download certain codec and no video can be watched. Why?

A: The default codec for AVI output in our program is DivX. If you do not have this codec installed on your PC, you will not be able to play the file. Please download DivX codec from for free. After the installation, Windows Media Player will be able to play AVI files produced by our program.

Q: After the conversion to the iPod/iPhone/Apple TV is finished, what shall I do next to transfer the output files into my iPod?

A: Do you have iTunes installed? It is a must. Please download it from The transfer must be done by this tool. If you are using iPod or iPhone, we recommend a specific program, mediAvatar iPod Transfer. You can get to know it from

Q: How can I get MP3 files transferred to PSP?

A: Please just copy MP3 files into the "MUSIC" folder, one of the subfolders under "PSP" folder. For example, if the removable drive name for your PSP is "F", please copy them into "F:PSPMUSIC". If you cannot find it, please create such a path by yourself.

Q: My video file has been converted into 3GP format. But I do not think the video screen is clear enough. Can I improve it by certain settings?

A: The default settings which we offered for 3GP output are those requested by most of mobile phones. If you want to get better quality, please select "mpeg4" as video codec instead of "h.263", as well as set a larger number for video bit rate and video size. They will produce a file with better quality but you must be sure that those settings can also work with your phone.

Q: The output 3GP files are playable well by QuickTime on my PC. But when I load the files into my phone and play them, the video and audio get out of sync. Why?

A: Maybe your phone requires different settings from what we offer which can work for most of phones. Can you get to know what proper settings for frame rate and others your phone can support? If you have no clear idea about it, please send e-mail to our support team at and they will help you out.

Q: After I convert my video files to WMV and load the file into my PPC, the device will play it a while but stop and close the player then. Why?

A: Maybe your PPC can not support the video size which you use in the conversion. It might be too large to be afforded by PPC. Please lower it. Actually, we have offered several options for certain models of PPC in the "Profile" list. If you use those options, the output files will be played well.

Q: I want to get better audio quality in the output 3GP files. But no matter what audio settings I modify such as bit rate, sample rate, etc., the program always shows "Fail". Why?

A: The default audio codec for 3GP output is "Amr_nb", which cannot support higher value for bit rate and sample rate. You need to select  "mpeg4aac" as audio codec first in the list so as to modify other audio settings.

Q: My iPod is 5.5G. I wonder which profile is the best one for me.

A: The most important feature for 5.5G iPod is that it can support 640x480 resolutions. So you'd better select the profile, named with "iPod Video2", the whole default settings all in 640x480, which will provide better output quality than other profiles.

Q: I noticed that you offer two kinds of video output forms for MP4 in the Profile list. Which one is the best if I want to get better quality?

A: As far as the output quality is concerned, H.264 would provide the best. But it is larger in output size and slower in the conversion speed. If you only want to get the better quality, you just need H.264 profiles.


Q: Which profile should I choose for my PSP?

A: It depends on the model and the version of its firmware. Only higher version can support AVC output and 480x272 output files. If you are using the early version and model, you'd better only use "PSP MPEG4 Video" profile.

Q: I have finished the conversion to Zune; what do I need to do so that I can transfer the output files into my Zune?

A: You need to download Zune software from to finish the transfer. Or you can get it done via the SYNC function of Windows Media Player if you select WMV as output format.

Q: I noticed that your program offers 3 kinds of output video formats. As far as the quality is concerned, which one is the best, MP4, MP4 AVC or WMV?

A: If you only want to get the best quality, we recommend MP4 AVC format, which is in H.264 video codec. But the output size would be larger than others. Actually, MP4 format will be more proper in the file size and quality.