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How to convert between audio formats, rip and burn CDs?

- A through guide about mediAvatar Audio Converter Pro

mediAvatar Audio Converter Pro is comprised of audio converter, CD ripper and CD burner, helping you to convert nearly all video and audio formats to audio formats, rip CDs to different audio files and burn audio formats to music CDs.

There're also some editing options allowing you to adjust the sound effect or clip audio files. So here we divide the guide into 5 parts to show each feature step by step.

First download, install and launch mediAvatar Audio Converter Pro. You will see how this audio converter pro looks like:

how to convert audio formats

Part 1: Convert between Audio Formats

Before we start converting audio formats, please make sure you're in the "Convert" module.

Step 1: Add Files

how to convert audio files

Drag and drop video/audio files you want to convert into the file list of mediAvatar Audio Converter Pro, or click on "Add File(s)" button on the toolbar or choose "File > Add File(s)..." menu option to load the files. Or choose "File > Add Folder" menu option to choose a folder and load all supported files in this folder into this audio converter pro.

Step 2: Choose Output Destination and Format

Click "Browse" button to choose an output folder as the destination for saving the outputted audio files. You may set different output folders for different files.

how to convert audio to mp3

Click the right arrow to expand the "Browse" drop-down list, you'll see the "Ouput to iPod", "Ouput to iPad", "Ouput to iPhone", "Ouput to PSP" options. If you connect your iPod, iPad, iPhone or PSP to your computer and enable the output options, then mediAvatar Audio Converter Pro would output the target audio files to your connected devices automatically after converting.

Click to open "Profile" drop-down list to choose the output format you want for the checked files.

Besides, this Audio Converter Pro allows you to set many output formats from the same file to get them converted at the same time. To do this, choose the file you want to add profile, then click "Add Output Profile" button to add a profile then choose an output format from the "Profile" drop-down list. Repeat the step to add as much output profiles as you want.

how to convert videos to audios

Generally, the output profiles we provide are all optimized in the output parameters, which can be used directly without any settings. However, there're still many parameter settings for advanced users. You may go to the "Advanced Profile Settings" window by clicking the right arrow beside "Basic Settings" at the right top, on which you can adjust all the parameters settings freely.

To help facilitating away-from-keyboard conversions, this Audio Converter Pro has the options to automatically shutdown, stand by, or hibernate the computer or close itself after audio conversions are finished. To make use of these options, look under the "Actions > Post Task Actions" drop-down menu.

And you can check the CPU usage below the file list, and change the CPU core usage by clicking "Tools > Preferences" menu option and entering "Preferences > Convert" tab, or simply clicking on the waveform at the left bottom of the file list to enable or disable the core.

Step 3: Convert audio formats

Okay, all basic settings are ready now! If you want to do more with your audio files such as clip audio files or adjust the sound effects of your audio files, then jump to "Part 4: Clip Audio Files" and "Part 5: Adjust Sound Effects".

If not, just click "Convert Checked Item(s)" button on the toolbar to start converting audio formats now!

convert audio formats

The audio conversion would be finished soon! Click "Open" button beside "Browse" to view the outputted audio files directly! That's all!

Part 2: Rip CD to Audio Formats

Click "Rip CD" label to enter the "Rip CD" module.

how to rip CD to mp3

Step 1: Load Audio CD

Insert the Audio CD you want to rip, then click "Load Audio CD" button or click "File > Load Audio CD" menu option to load the CD.

Step 2: Choose Output Format and Destination

how to convert CD to audio files

Choose the output profile you want from "Profile" drop-down list, and choose a path by clicking "Browse" button.

And if you want, you can add many output profiles for a single file as described above. And connect your iPod, iPhone, iPad or PSP and enable the corresponding option to make this CD ripper to transfer the outputted audio files to your device directly.

Or if you want to clip audio files and adjust sound effect, then refer to the following parts.

Step 3: Rip Audio CD

how to convert CD to wma

All settings are ready? Click "Convert Checked Items" button to rip audio CD to music files!

Part 3: Burn Music to CD

Click "Burn CD" label to enter the "Burn CD" module.

how to burn music CD

Step 1: Load Files

Click "Add File(s)" button or click "File >Add File(s)" menu option to add the video/audio files you want to burn, or simply drag & drop the files into the file list.

Step 2: Set Output Settings

Go to the bottom of the file list, choose "Music CD", "MP3 CD" or "WMA CD" as the CD format. Insert a recordable CD disc, and choose it from "Destination" list.

Set "Volume Label" for your Music CD, and choose the number of copies and write speed you want.

From the status bar at the bottom, you can check whether these files have exceed the max volume of your CD disc.

Step 3: Burn CD

All settings are ready? Click "Burn" button to burn these audio files to CD!

Part 4: Clip Audio Files

This feature is available in both "Convert" and "Rip CD" modules.

clip audio files

Step 1: Select the file to clip from the file list, and click "Clip" button at the toolbar, then the "Clip" window appears.

Step 2: Click "New Clip" icon to add a new segment to the segment list, then set its start and end time by entering their values manually in the "Start" and "End" boxes, or clicking "Set Start Point" and "Set End Point" icons during playback. Repeat this step to add as many segments as you want.

Step 3: Click "Apply" and "Close" buttons to return to the main window. The clipped segments are already listed for later converting.

Part 5: Adjust Sound Effects

This feature is available in both "Convert" and "Rip CD" modules.

Adjust sound effects

Step 1: Select the file to adjust sound effects from the file list and click "Effects" button at the toolbar, then the "Effects" window appears.

Step 2: Go to "Fade In/Out", "Normalize", "Band Pass", "Chorus", "Flanger" and "Echo" tabs by clicking corresponding labels, and set different sound effects for your audio file.

Step 3: Click "Apply" and "Close" buttons to return to the main window.


Go to this mediAvatar Audio Converter Pro to get a free demo version and start converting audio formats, ripping and burning CDs.