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How to make iPhone ringtones from songs/videos and transfer to iPhone

- A guide about mediAvatar iPhone Ringtone Maker

mediAvatar iPhone Ringtone Maker makes it easy to create your own ringtones from songs or videos you like. You can create your M4R ringtones from MP3, WMA, WAV, RA, M4A music files and AVI, MPEG, WM, etc. videos. Picking only a segment to make iPhone ringtones is available and if you like, the created ringtones would be transferred to iPhone directly. It also built in an iPhone ringtone manager, via which you can add, delete, and download iPhone ringtones very conveniently.

Tip: If you want to transfer the created ringtones to your phone directly, you need to connect your phone to the computer before start converting.

Step 1: Load the song or video you want to create ringtones from

Drag and drop the file to the main program window, or click "Add File" button on the toolbar to load the file.

make iPhone ringtones from songs

Step 2: Customize the ringtone (optional)

If you want to pick an audio segment from the file, add the fade-in/fade-out effect, or adjust the output ringtone's volume, follow this step, or you can go to step three to just start converting.

1) Convert a video/audio segment as iPhone Ringtone

Click "Play" button and play the loaded file (the red line in the grid area is “current time” line and you can drag the line to any position and start playing); at the same time you can click the "clip start" and "clip end" button to specify the clip boundary, or set the start point/end point values, or drag the green start & end line to clip the segment. And the three suites are synchronized, you can choose any way to get the segment.
After setting the segment, you could click the "play segment" button to play the segment.

Convert video/song segment to iPhone ringtones

2) Add fade-in/fade-out effect and adjust ringtone volume

Check the "Fade in" and "Fade out" checkboxes, and set the fade-in and fade-out time according to your need, and also click “Output volume” drop-down button to set the ringtone volume freely. Click the "play segment" button to play the segment and effects you used.

create customized iPhone ringtones

3)Other Output settings
If you like, you may change the output ringtone name and the output file folder on computer.

Make songs to m4r iphone ringtones

Step 3: Start iPhone ringtone converting and transfer to iPhone

If you would like to transfer ringtones to iPhone directly after converting, please connect your phone to computer. And then check the enabled "Add to iPhone" check box and click the "start converting" button to start the conversion. If you don't want to transfer the ringtones this time, you can use the built-in ringtone manager to upload to iPhone later.

Create m4r iphone ringtones

After converting completed, the ringtone would be synced to your iPhone directly without more steps, and all the steps are finished till now. And then we will introduce the independant iPhone ringtone manager.

iPhone Ringtone Manager

After connecting your iPhone to computer, you can use the ringtone manager to upload, download, delete ringtones or export ringtones to iTunes. Click the "ringtone manager" button on the tool bar to open it. Just a glance, you will know how to use it.

How to make iphone ringtones

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