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Blu-ray to iPad Converter: How to rip blu-ray discs to iPad videos?

- A through guide about mediAvatar Blu-ray to iPad Converter

It will be no problem to transfer the way of watching blu-ray movies from blu-ray player to iPad once you have this mediAvatar Blu-ray to iPad Converter, which offers optimized conversion solutions for iPad, making it amazingly easy to rip any blu ray disc to iPad HD videos or general videos at extremely fast speed due to the support for multi-core CPU and GPU acceleration.

To rip blu ray disc movies to iPad videos, you just need 3 steps: 1. Load blu-ray disc, 2. choose an iPad output format, 3. start ripping blu-ray to iPad movies! You also have lots of customization options adjustable during ripping blu-ray movies to iPad. Here is the step-by-step guide of how to rip blu ray disc movies to iPad videos.

For your clarity, we divide this guide into the following parts:

After you download, install and start mediAvatar Blu-ray to iPad Converter, you will see what its main window looks like:

Blu-ray to iPad Converter

Getting Started

As the illustration shows below, it needs only three simple steps to rip blu-ray movies to iPad videos.

Blu-ray to iPad Converter

Step 1: Load blu-ray movies into this Blu-ray to iPad Converter

Insert a blu-ray movie disc, then click on "Add Blu-ray Folder" button on the toolbar or "File > Add Folder" menu option to load the blu-ray disc you insert.

Step 2: Choose output format and folder

Check one or multiple titles, click "Browse" button to choose the output folder for saving the converted files, and click to open "Profile" drop-down list below the file list to choose the output format you want for the checked items. As you can see, mediAvatar Blu-ray to iPad Converter provides several iPad formats with optimized parameters. You don't need to change anything just to choose one format to your favor.

blu-ray movie ripper

If you want to rip this blu-ray movie to videos and extract its soundtracks, you can add multiple output formats for each file for ripping at one go.

To simplify the process of defining output file size, this blu ray to iPad converter prepares a built-in bitrate calculator to help you. Click "Tools > Bitrate Calculator" menu option, enter the file size you want in the dialog that opens, then the tool will calculate its corresponding video bit rate, click "OK", then the output file size you want will be displayed in the file list.

All the profiles are optimized in parameters by default, which enables you to choose the right one without any extra settings. However, this blu-ray movie to iPad converter also comes with lots of adjustable parameters to meet your diverse requirements. Click the down arrow on the right panel, choose "Basic Settings", "Video Codec", "Audio Codec", or "Metadata" option to adjust their respective parameter settings. Or click the right arrow to expand the "Advanced Profile Settings" window, from which you can set all the parameters freely.

To help facilitate away-from-keyboard conversions, this Blu-ray to iPad Converter software has the ability to automatically shutdown, stand by, or hibernate the computer or close itself after conversions are finished. To make use of these options, look under the "Actions > Post Task Actions" drop-down menu.

You can check the CPU usage below the file list. To make full use of your CPU or customize the CPU usage or conversion speed, go to "Tools > Preferences > Rip" tab by clicking "Preferences" button beside the CPU usage to set the CPU core number for ripping, or if you have GPU-enbaled CPU, you can enable GPU acceleration to speed up your blu-ray to iPad ripping.

dvd disc converter

Also in the windows above, you can set the background run options and simultaneous processes according to your own needs.

To explore more customization features about this Blu-ray to iPad Converter, let's go on.


Choose the blu-ray disc title you want to clip from the file list, click "Clip" button on the toolbar to enter "Clip" window.

Click "New Clip" button to add a new segment into the segment list, then set its start time and end time by entering the values in the boxes or dragging the sliders in the player. Repeat this step to extract any number of segments you favor.

Click "Move Up" or "Move Down" button to adjust the order of these segments.

If you check "Output segments as a whole one" option, then all the segments in the list will be merged into a single one after you click "Apply" and "Close" buttons to return to the main window.

You can freely choose different output formats for each segment.


Select the titles or clips you want to merge in the file list, and click "Merge" button on the toolbar to merge these into a single file.

Besides these, this Blu-ray to iPad Converter allows you to crop video screen size, add subtitles/soundtracks/effects/watermarks to the outputted blu ray movies. To do this, choose an item from the files list, and click "Effects" button on the toolbar to enter "Effect" window.


Go to the "Crop" panel. Set the "Crop Area Size", "Left Margin", "Right Margin" options by entering their values respectively, or dragging the lines on the image in the right player. Check "Keep Aspect Ratio" option, or choose the aspect ratio you want.

Add Watermarks

Go to the "Watermark" panel. Click "Add Text Watermark" or "Add Picture Watermark" button above the watermark list, enter the text or choose the picture you want, then adjust the settings of the watermark. You can add as many watermarks as you want.

Add and Adjust Subtitles

Go to the "Subtitles" panel. Click "Add Subtitles" button above the subtitle list, and load the subtitle file, then adjust its parameters including Transparency, Vertical Position, Font, Color, Size, Style, Line Spacing.

Add and Adjust Soundtracks

Go to the "Audio" panel. Click "Add Audio Track" button above the audio track list, and load the audio track you want.

Add and Adjust Image Effects

Go to the "Image" panel, on which you can add special effects to the video by enterring the "Effect" panel and checking the effects you want in the effect list.

Finished effect adjusting? Now click "Comparing Preview" button at the right bottom of the player to preview the original and fixed image effect abreast, ensuring you get the right effect you want.

Step 3: Rip blu-ray movie disc

After the above settings, click "Convert Checked Item(s)" button on the toolbar to start ripping blu-ray to iPad videos!

You can check the progress from the "Status" column in the file list and progress bar at the bottom. After ripping DVDs, click "Open" button to find the outputted movies. Okay, that's all!

It has never been easier to rip blu ray movies to iPad videos with mediAvatar Blu-ray to iPad Converter! However, this Blu-ray to iPad Converter gives you more!

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