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How to backup iPhone contacts to PC and restore iPhone contacts

- A through guide about mediAvatar iPhone Contact Transfer

Backup your iPhone contacts to computer as csv or vCard files, and restore contacts from csv or vCard files on your computer - mediAvatar iPhone Contact Transfer makes your iPhone contact management so easy and efficient. Here is the guide of how to do these using this iPhone backup software, and we have three parts here:

Backup iPhone Contacts;

Restore iPhone Contacts;

View and manage contact info so easy

Download and launch the software, after connect the iPhone, you will see the interface like this

iPhone contacts backup softare

Backup your iPhone contacts - offers two ways

  • Backup iPhone contacts to csv or vCard files that can be exported to Yahoo Address, google contacts, yahoo address book, outlook, window address book, and other mobile phones. Check the contact items and click the "export to csv or vcard" button.

    backup iPhone contacts to csv

    Then choose which file type you would like to backup to.

    backup iPhone contacts to pc

  • Backup iPhone contacts to mediAvatar iPhone contact Transfer backup file that can be edited by this software and restore to iPhone in one click in future.

    How to restore iPhone contacts

    The created backup file would show on the left node, you can open the file even without iPhone connected.

Restore iPhone contacts from backup files - corresponding two ways

  • Export contacts from CSV, vCard files and only add nonexistent new contacts to the list

    Restore iPhone contacts from backup

  • Restore iPhone contacts from backup file only for this software - after restored, all contacts on the connected iPhone will be cleared and replaced

    backup iPhone contacts and restore

View and manage iPhone contact info

  • Display contact info as iPhone-contact

    iPhone contacts backup tool

  • Use search box to find the contact you want

    How to backup iPhone contacts

  • Sort all the contacts by name, phone number, address or other item

    How to restore iPhone contacts

  • Check and delete the contact you do not want on mediavatar iPhone contact transfer

    backup iPhone contacts to computer

For more features involved, please go to the mediavatar iPhone contact transfer product page.